St Ives Beer Festival 2011

This evening I went to a local CAMRA beer festival. It cost me £3 to get in, and another £2.50 to ‘rent’ a glass (but you can keep it if you don’t want your money back), but since I said “I’m the designated driver” I had free non-alcoholic drinks free all night. Nothing fancy, just lemonade or cola, but at least there’s some benefit to being the driver, for a change.

I always have a go on the tombola, there’s always one at these events, and usually I end up winning another pint glass (which is always useful), some beermats or a useless old Good Beer Guide. This time I won a Good Beer Guide 2010 (last time the one I won was about 5 years out-of-date), which I proceeded to give away to a friend as soon as I saw him. I also won a recipe book, which although I would never have bought if I saw it in the shop, I’m actually very happy I won it.

From a quick skim through, it’s not all about drowning good food in bitter, it looks to be an all-round recipe book, with only the occasional recipe calling for a ale as a main ingredient. Many of the recipes say the dish ‘accompanies’ a good beer, as opposed to containing it within the recipe.

I’m not a drinker (out of choice), but I’m not adverse to cooking with alcohol if a recipe calls for it, so I may try one of the recipes soon.

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