Texmex meals for lazy bastards with little time

Texmex Dinners For Lazy Bastards Some years ago, when I started working from my studio flat to my current employer, I ate nothing but frozen pizza margaritas with some added extra Finnish blue cheese for a week. I was fairly busy, stressed out and didn’t have an inspiration to cook for myself anything elaborate. I mentioned the problem of my bad dinner habits to a coworker who asked me a question: “Why don’t you try texmex burritos?” I’ve loved Mexican ever since my sister introduced me to it in the early 90’s in California, and I quickly saw the benefits of the idea. I’ve cooked countless amounts of them to force me to eat veg and meat instead of just frozen pizzas and pasta with cheese.


  • Wheat tortillas or wraps
  • 400 g minced beef, stir fry beef or chicken strips, quorn or soya protein strips
  • 1 pouch of Taco or Fajitas seasonings
  • Cottage cheese or Soured cream
  • Grated cheese
  • Salsa and/or guacamole
  • Salad, what ever mix floats your boat (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, peppers etc)
  • Optional ingredients:
    • refried beans or whole (kidney) beans rinsed
    • sweetcorn
    • mushrooms, tinned or fresh, fried with the meat and seasoned with it

Fry the meat, add the seasoning. Warm up the tortillas lightly on a pan or microwave them soft, assemble with the meat and other ingredients. I fold my tortillas to burritos to have a bottom in a way that looks a bit like an envelope, so I try not to put too much filling in. Cottage cheese, soured cream and guacamole (depending on how spicy it is) work as a nice cooling agent and the optional beans or sweetcorn adds a bit bulk.

The brilliance of this food comes on the leftovers. From 400g of meat you get 4-8 burritos, depending on how much of the other stuff you put in. Single person eats from this 2-4 meals, with minimal work, very little pot washing and a possibility for endless modifications.

Texmex Dinners For Lazy Bastards

I’ve had this in different ways three times this week. To finish the leftovers today, I decided to try out our new inverter microwave oven a bit more and filled my tortillas with the seasoned beef strips, cottage cheese, sweetcorn, green peppers and grated cheese. I then folded the tortillas to burritos, placed them in a microwave proof dish, poked a piece of linguine to keep the burritos folded (as I couldn’t find toothpicks) and just because there can never be too much cheese, sprinkled some on. Five minutes in our miracle microwave on combined grill/medium microwave and end came out a wonderful dish. Served with an extra large heap of salad, this was the best dinner of this week.